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Recent articles and readings Get the low-down on key readings – following are some insightful articles on U.S. – India relations published in last few weeks...more
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Co-equal guiding principles of this Dashboard
The various indicators and trends captured in this Dashboard are rooted in certain guiding principles of U.S.-India relations at start of the 21st century...more
The Obama-Singh Joint Communiqué
& Joint Press Meet

What should be the message in the joint communiqué? How will it compare to the Obama-Hu statement of Nov. 2009? Where should the joint press meet be held?...more
What does Imagindia propose?
Mutual Imagery: In India there is perception that U.S. pushes ideas to support unilateralist and MIC policies...more

Energy and Nuclear Proliferation: A grand Thorium Partnership between the U.S. and India. Assured fuel and technology...more

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What could Obama and Singh talk in private?
Why do the U.S. and India need each other?
What does U.S. business want?
What are some major sales deals expected?
What are some current irritants?

How can India help President Obama to lower the cost of healthcare reform in the U.S.? The results of elections held on Nov 2 to the U.S. House of Representatives, Senate, and Governor races for...more

U.S. and India must work on this big picture

Obama’s Indian “Buzzword Bingo” - an interesting bingo game of words by Wall Street Journal that president Obama would use in India...more

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