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Why do the U.S. and India need each other?

India’s needs from U.S. U.S.’s needs from India
Geopolitical Needs

India needs geopolitical support from the U.S. on terrorism, Pakistan, and China

U.S. needs geopolitical support from India on Afghanistan, and balancing China

India needs U.S. support on permanent seat at UN Security Council

U.S. needs India’s support to reform and make UN effective for today’s challenges

Trade and Economic Needs

India needs investments from U.S. for its infrastructure and other developments

U.S. needs to grow exports to a market, of over 1.2 billion, that’s growing at over 9%

India needs to grow its exports to the U.S. – the world’s largest economy

U.S. needs India’s support at global trade negotiations on variety of issues; and inward investments into the U.S.