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What are some questions that Indian media must ask at the joint press conference?

1. The U.S. – China Joint Statement of Nov 17th during your state visit to Beijing last year caused some consternation in India about China’s role in South Asia. And now there are reports that India should play an active role in East Asia.

What kind of role do you expect India to play in East Asia?

2. Though Pakistan itself is a victim of terrorism, there are enough reports that suggest Pakistan promotes terror as a state policy. Even British PM Cameron has condemned state sponsored terrorism from Pakistan.

Would you also condemn the state sponsored terrorism of Pakistan?

3. India is the world’s largest democracy. There are tensions on its borders that threaten India’s territorial integrity. India feels these are a legacy of events from the past which were thrust upon India by history.

How would you express your support for India’s territorial integrity?

4. The opening lines of the UN charter say “We the people…” Today India is almost one-fifth of humanity, and is the largest democracy in the world. Also, India’s contributions to the UN system are widely known. Sooner or later the UNSC will include India.

Why doesn’t the U.S. support India right away?

5. In search for energy security and clean tech jobs for the U.S. and India, and to reduce risks of nuclear proliferation and climate change, there have been two strong proposals recently.

One proposal advocates that the U.S. and India must enter into a Thorium partnership. The other argues for a Space Solar Power partnership – the Kalam-NSS initiative. What are your views on both, and such initiatives?