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Opto-politics, and the world of diplomacy is often too seriously taken by all of us. As 2010 draws to a close, we would like to leave our readers with a few smiles and celebrations for 2011 – may it continue to be as pleasant and happyfull as always.

President Dmitry Medvedev, after a successful day in Delhi, today has a day full of meetings in Mumbai – including a visit to Bollywood studios. With strategic affairs behind, now his focus is on business and economic and cultural diplomacy.

If the reader reads the side-item about the Imagindia award for Masterful Diplomatic Words of the Year, one is struck by the dilemma facing Russia in its relations with India.

Will India create a scandal and be "badnam" (infamous) by falling head over heels in love with the US, or will India exploit its "jawani" (prime of youth) to seek the right partner in a wise manner?

Of course Russia, realizing that India will soon be an equivalent world power, does not want India to be fully in the US camp. Relations between Russia and India are on upswing now after decades of limbo, and Russia would like to re-assert a special relationship with India. As well it realizes that India will have various special relationships – including with the US. Hence the Medvedev-ian dilemma.

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Russia – India nuclear energy cooperation
Presently, Russia is India’s top most partner in nuclear cooperation. Read below to see how cooperation has progressed in last one year
+ November 2010 update
+ August 2010 update
+ February 2010 update
+ November 2009 update
Time to refreshen Russia – India relations
Three things that Russia must urgently do to rejuvenate its relations with India:
+ Promote economic diplomacy with India
+ Its image in India must be refreshed
+ Rejuvenate educational, cultural, and people-people links

Imagindia Award for “Masterful Diplomatic Statement of the Year”, 2010...goes to...
Russian Ambassador to India, Alexander Kadakin. This award is conferred to a diplomat for the deepest, masterstroke statement of understanding and relations with India. Ambassador Kadakin made the following statement on Friday, December 18, on eve of Medvedev visit to Delhi:

"India now seems to be a beautiful, radiant bride. There are so many bridegrooms always around, proposing their kind and.....well, India is Russia's sister, we want a very good match for her. But we are very much against if that bridegroom could deceive one day", Russian ambassador to India Alexander Kadakin told reporters.
Levers of Economic Diplomacy
Russia and India need to move away from government-to-government relations. Most interaction and relations are only on governmental levels. It is important to widen the relationship. Some pragmatic ideas to accelerate economic diplomacy:
+ Trans-Siberian Rail
+ Indian film industry
+ Science and Education
Defence relation in different
Trade and Investment Cooperation between Russia &
Some major Joint Development and Production
Strategic Partnership between India
Image of Russia in India
Today the image of Russia in India is diffused, peripheral and even confused. This is a critical area for attention of our leaders and publics. It is surprising to see how both countries have neglected the construction of their images and relations in the past two...more