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Levers of Economic Diplomacy

Russia and India need to move away from government-to-government relations. Most interaction and relations are only on governmental levels. It is important to widen the relationship. Some pragmatic ideas to accelerate economic diplomacy:

+ Trans-Siberian Rail
+ Indian film industry
+ Science and Education

+ The Trans-Siberian Railway is a known brand in India. Why don’t Russia and India have a “CEO-Forum-cum-Country tour-on Rails”? A 2 week rail trip across Russia, with seminars, stoppages, and personal networking, amongst corporate and media? To be held during the beautiful summer across Siberia. This will also expand relationships between the rail and transportation sectors of the two countries.

+ The Indian film industry – especially Raj Kapoor, Mithun Chakraborty, and the songs, are loved by many Russians. Why does not India encourage investments in its entertainment industry? The entertainment, animation, and graphic industries are globally on cusp of growth, and India and Russia have rare synergies.

+ Science and education – Russia is respected in India for its science, technology, and innovation. Russia must develop this unique relation. There are dozens of scientific collaborations in India, and there are tens of thousands of Indian students who went to Russia, many living there now. Activities and exchanges must be proactively undertaken.