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Image of Russia in India
Today the image of Russia in India is diffused, peripheral and even confused. This is a critical area for attention of our leaders and publics. It is surprising to see how both countries have neglected the construction of their images and relations in the past two decades.

The past
+ Steadfast and old, trusted friend of India. Strong, rugged, friendly people.
+ Cultural narrative resonates with Indian people.
+ Philosophically close to Indian view of life. Also, socialist view of life in both countries.
+ Solid science, engineering and technology.
+ Cultural awareness - including books, theatre, circus.

The present
+ Over past two decades, remote and not-focused on wider relations with India, apart from defense and nuclear relationship.
+ Domestic issues, struggling economy, difficult to do business, including mafia-istic environment.
+ Seems stabilizing now after years of transition and turmoil.
+ Capable of global power projection.
+ Un-clear, un-known, non-defined image of Russia in India today.