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Seiichi Nobuhara, Tokyo

Mr. Seiichi Nobuhara, President of IBT, brings with him the experience of being a strategic advisor to a variety of established and emerging companies. Capitalizing on a wide business and academic network in the United States, United Kingdom, Korea, China and Japan, he has facilitated deals for Japanese, US and Korean companies which included market entry support, strategic alliances formation, contract/documentation negotiation, business planning and development and joint venture organization. Mr. Nobuhara specializes in strategic consulting services in the public and private sectors, government policy studies/initiatives, market research, business and venture support services and documentation for some of the world's leading companies in Japan. Mr. Nobuhara has been a key advisor to the Japanese government in its efforts to facilitate and develop global cooperation in the sector of civilian nuclear energy, smart grids, urban solutions/urban city cluster developments, information and communication technology, advanced manufacturing supply chain. He is a visiting lecturer at Tokyo Institute of Technology, Senshu University, Tokyo International University, and a guest professor at the State Key Laboratory of Software Engineering, Wuhan University (China). He was a key note speaker for a workshop on "Russia-Japan Cooperation in the Peaceful Use of Nuclear Energy in Moscow, Russia on the 15th of September, 2009 held by Center for Energy and Security Studies (CENESS)

President, IBT Corp. (Japan); Founder and President, IBT Ventures Corp. (Japan); Former Special Advisor to the Governor of Osaka Prefecture for International Business Affairs (Japan); Former Special Advisor to the Iwate Prefecture Government; IT Advisor to the City Government of Shenyang (China); Guest Professor, State Laboratory of Software Engineering, Wuhan University (China); Director of the Board of Directors at several listed companies, such as , Elmic Wescom, Inc. (Listed Embedded Software Company Japan), Turbolinux ( Listed Open Source Software Company Japan), iSmarTech Listed Smart Card Solution Company Korea),etc.; Former Member of the Advisory Committee, i-Park Tokyo Center (Japan); Former Advisor to the President of Samsung SDS (Korea); Special Advisor, Tianjin Software Industry Association; Special Advisor, University City Science Center (Philadelphia); Board Member, Sino-Consulting, Inc. (Philadelpiha)

Research Group Memberships
METI Over-the-counter Market Research Committee; METI Entrepreneur Education Research Committee; METI Software Vendor Capital Procurement Environment Research Committee; Ministry of National Land and Transport Local Business Development Basic Vision Research Committee; Chair, Okayama City Information Strategy Committee; Special Lecturer, Senshu University Graduate School; Adjunct Lecturer, Tokyo Institute of Technology; Special Lecturer, Tokyo International University