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Only a sixth sense of mutuality and common sense can help China India relations today. While the realities are being resolved and negotiated, we simultaneously and urgently need a powerful new idea of joint interest to both countries.

Alongside this letter, we have also made live a web-based dashboard with questions and thoughts about your most important meetings. Through the dashboard we are stimulating a solution oriented and pragmatic approach among the publics of our two countries.

Economic entanglements are the surest guarantor of peace and development. India and China must start exploratory discussions of any variation of an economic union between the two countries. Working towards such a framework will ensure peace and economic development between both countries.

The reality of the India China Economic Union may happen in 50 years or 100 years, but by progressing towards such an objective both countries will accelerate friendship and socio-economic development of one-third of global population.

It is but obvious that in 20-30 years or by 50-100 years the relationship and economics will be so different that we cannot even imagine today. But one thing will be sure the two countries and our people will be far deeply integrated inter-connected in their economies, cultural understanding, people-to-people linkages, and global challenges.

Sirs, you can see the future kindly seize the moment and take a bold step.

In advance of this summit in Delhi, we had been researching and modeling various thoughts to protect and advance the national interest of each country, as well to make a generational change towards friendship, peace, socio-economic and cultural relations between both countries... more

This open letter can also be read at USINPAC Blogs

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